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JACKJAMES Australian Neat Freaks
+NEWS+ H&F 2.0
Say whaaaat ???
Time to go to the beach
Fresh off the press. Our new CI, first time on paper. Thank you Maison C.C. !!!
Ballett in Münster @ NYHUES
Empty. Start of construction at IDEALO, Ritterhöfe - Kreuzberg
Designers Wrap Photoshoot @ ZALANDO HUB
Shoes off!!! Building inspection at IDEALO
Wer A sagt, muss auch B sagen ! IDEALO shortly before a part of the building is finished.
CHEERS @ Nyhues Opening
Carpet-Twister Pre-Installation of frames at NYHUES, Münster.
Cable-mess in Friedrichshain... @ Zalando HUB
Going low... ...with the basement-ceiling at NYHUES
Flying Carpet 4.700 sqm out of the window
Hookers, cocaine + hairgel Basics on site
Tin Shed in Kreuzberg Never-ending demolition at IDEALO.
My site, my castle...
Basic needs.
Outfit-Furniture-Colour-Matching Hülle & Fülle in Milano 2012
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Hülle & Fülle

Interior Design

Made in Berlin in 2007 
By Nicole Albrecht + Florian Jünger

We create spaces, within the existing or from emptiness.  
Sometimes too small to see any potential, and now and then so large as to feel lost. 
We love straight lines, but the oblique and surprise-laden even more so.
Through both residential and commercial projects we explore the (im)possible with inspiring individuals.

Nicole, born & raised in Berlin, studied Interior & Spatial Design at Chelsea College of Arts & Design in London and completed her Master of Design at the University of Sydney. 
Berlin and Sydney, combined, with the best of both cities would be the ultimate place for her.

Florian prefers another part of the world. He finds his inspiration by visiting NYC as often as possible.  
Born in Gifhorn, he moved to Berlin in 2001 where he studied Architecture at the Technische Universität Berlin.

Curiosity, friendship and our strong thirst for new challenges are the foundations for our creative work.

What we do: Analysing Briefing Building Calculating ConceptualisingConsulting Demolition Drawing Experimenting Exploring Investigating Layouting Measuring MediatingModelmaking Moderating Moving Planning (Re)Presenting Sketching…

It's nice to meet you!

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BER+49 3069536472
SYD+61 481701584

Zalando SE
Concept, Planning, Implementation
600 sqm
Michael Mann

Presentations and press conferences during the day, large-scale events and company parties for more than 300 people at night.  At the same time offering areas for co-working, small team meetings, lunch and coffee breaks.  Last but not least: providing enough room for yoga classes and other fitness activities.  An outline as fun & challenging as the outcome: Zalando HUB, a multi-functional spacewhere hotel lounge meets cinema and office worlds, set within a split level space in a newly built office complex across from the Eastside Gallery.  Two main features connect the space visually: a wide timber podium runs parallel to the glass facade on street level, bridging the height difference functionally in form of an auditorium, moving up to a platform for the lunch area and finishing off as tribune for small team meetings.  A extensive tiled wall separates the lower from the upper level, where the structure incorporates a bar counter to work on, view presentations or just watch countless tourist strolling along Berlins former wall.  The choice of materials and contrasting colors is as diverse as the different scenarios, ranging from concrete flooring to glazed tiles, dark stained timber, patterned woven vinyl flooring, upholstered panels and handmade brass elements.